Thursday, December 23, 2010

Weigh In :)

1.5kg down (3.3lb)
So happy with that
This week I've had a lot more restriction than normal, even without getting a fill
And I've been exercising a bit more

This now puts me down to 98.6kg (216.9lb)
I haven't been under 100kg in years
Such a good feeling :)
My total loss so far is 26.9kg (59.18lbs)

Life is excellent
I'm crushing on someone I work with but he's about 8 years older than me so it's just childish and probably won't go anywhere but it definitely makes me look forward to going to work :P

There are three events that I'm really looking forward to in the coming year

1. My 22nd birthday (31st Jan 2011) 21st was horrible. I was too insecure to party and I remember feeling so ugly and fat. My 22nd is going to make up for all the horrible birthdays I've had. 39days until my birthday...about 5.5weeks. Hoping to get down to about 95kg by then. Seems possible, only 3.6kg to go :)

2. Soundwave music festival(4th March 2011)...every year my sister and I go to this all day music fest called Soundwave. Last year we went to the Melbourne Show and Sydney Show and by the end of it I was exhausted. Next year I don't want to have to take time outs because my legs were too tired. It's in 71 days...about 10 weeks. My goal is go get to around 90kg by then. 8.6kg to go.

3. Europe! (1st May 2011)...oh my lord it will be amazing. Especially because I won't be lugging around so much weight! In 129 days I will be sitting comfortably in my seat ready to take off. The heat will not bother me that much because I will be thinner and I will be able to keep up with everyone on the tour. In 129 days...about 18 weeks I'm hoping to be around the 85kg mark. 13.6kg to go :)

This is also so exciting!
I am so motivated to keep losing to meet my goals
2011 will be amazing!! =)


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Sandy Lee said...

So happy for you. Onederland is great, be it in kg or lbs. I have to admit, my best year was my 21st (so many years ago) but it was one of the few years I was happy with my weight. Then life happened. So glad you will have a great 22. And yes 2011 will be amazing.

Pamela E. Williams said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!! You inspire me to get back to kicking butt!!

Merry Christmas!!

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