Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ahh so close to double digits!

Official weigh in today was 100.2kg
Total loss of 25.3kg (55.66lbs)
Half way to my goal of 50kg lost!
It's pretty exciting

I'm actually learning to love my body
it has a really nice shape at the moment and I can see where I have lost fat
My legs however are still as stumpy as they've always been
It looks horrible being 5ft tall and having really short and chunky legs!
I cancelled my fill today which I don't regret one bit
My work Christmas party is tomorrow and it's at a Mexican restaurant so I'm not sure how many good food options I will have to choose from

My food choices are not so great at the moment
I barely eat anything all day
I just don't know what I can eat for main meals
I try to eat the same food as the family but sometimes it's just hard
I've been having alot of problems with chicken lately
I can only eat it if it is really moist and covered in sauce (most of the time the sauce/gravy is high in calories so I try not to eat chicken too much)
Everytime I try chicken it just gets stuck

All I had to eat today was 2 optifast shakes and a few dry crackers
I hate cooking and I just can't be bothered
If anyone has some really simple recipes that they recommend then please send them my way!

I have about 20 weeks until I go overseas so I'm hoping I can lose at least another 15kg (30lbs) before I leave. Sounds doable but we'll see


Anonymous said...

Your doing amazing! 100.2kgs! Wow!!!! Great job :)

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