Thursday, December 16, 2010

Only 100 gram loss =(

That's 0.22lbs
So disappointed
I know that I haven't been eating too well but I still thought I would have lost at least half a kilo
I called in to get a fill but they are closed until FEBRUARY!
I can't wait that long to get a fill



amandakiska said...

Until February? What's that about?

Sandy Lee said...

OK, I will be the first to say: Did you notice your weight went down? It may be a crawl but it will add up soon. Just 4 more readings like that and you will have 0.5 kg. Then 3 more readings like that you will see 2 kg. When you look at it like that you can see it all adds up. Even 100 g. Don't be disappointed. It will come.

Liz said...

at lest you didn't gain weight little miss!!! Trust me...until you gain weight with a lap band or unti you struggle with it as much as me, you should be delighted that you still lost 100grams :)


Anonymous said...

100 grams is still a loss :) Try drinking more water? I know it helps me to lose weight! Or even adding in some extra exercise? xxx

alycejo said...

Aww thanks guys
I know I shouldn't be complaining but if I continue to lose at this rate then I won't have lost that much before Europe and I'm dreading having to go to the beach looking like I do
And yeah the clinic are having their holidays and aren't coming back until FEB! I have no idea why the whole clinic is taking all that time off but it is very inconvenient!

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