Sunday, March 6, 2011


Today we went to some outlet shops and it was awesome!
For once I actually enjoyed shopping because I'm starting to fit into "normal" sized clothes
I desperately needed some new jeans because the ones I were wearing were getting way too big and looked horrible
I was actually starting to feel a bit down because I just didn't look good in them anymore
Anyways I found some awesome (yet cheap!) jeans that I really loved. They were in a size 16 and I was getting a bit worried that they wouldn't fit and they wouldn't have any bigger
After scouring the whole store to find a bigger pair I was lucky enough to stumble upon a size 18 pair!
Went to the fitting room and just decided to try on the size 16s just in case I might have been lucky enough to fit into them
To my surprise they fit perfectly! Even just a little too big!!
Best feeling in the world!!


Anonymous said...

best feeling ever!

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