Monday, March 28, 2011

May be too soon to celebrate but...

goodbye 90's!!

Snuck in a weigh in this morning and it read 89.9kg (197.78lbs) each of the three times I tried :P
I have not been in the 80's for about 5 years and it feels amazing
That makes my total loss so far: 36.7kg (80.7lbs)
I love saying "I've lost 80lbs" Even if no one here can calculate how much it is!

So much awesome things happened last week
The best thing in the world happened on Thursday. I walked into a shop[ called Glassons. It's a very girly, on trend shop. But it's one of the very few that stock up to a size 16. The girl in there was super nice (have you noticed that when you lose a bit of weight shop assistances are actually willing to help you out?). Anyways I had my eye on two gorgeous dresses. I have become so much more comfortable in my body now that I go straight to the dresses rather than sticking to loose fitting tops and jeans! The one dress I really loved was only available in a size 14 but I tried it on anyways...and it fit! I was basically dancing in the change rooms :P I bought two of the dresses and wore them out on Friday and Saturday.

This weekend has been amazing!
My sister and I had organised our going away events a bit early, but we're glad we did
On Friday we held our going away dinner with friends. We went to Taco Bill and had way too many margaritas. One thing that frustrates me about the band is that when I go out I have to decide whether I want to eat or whether I want to drink. On Friday I decided to drink and I had a little bit of guacamole to nibble on just in case people asked why I wasn't eating. Afterwards we went to a local club and I drank some more =S lol

On Saturday we went out with all our cousins. My sister and I are the youngest cousins out of the 30 something first cousins we have so we were always the spoilt ones :P We went to Williamstown (if you are ever in Melbourne you must go there!). The dinner menu was awesome, cheap yet the meals were not that band friendly. They had some nice pasta options but they refused to sell me the entree size. When the waitress came around to see whether anyones finished she seriously gave me a nasty look and asked why I had barely eaten any of my meal! She was such a bitch! I don't have to explain to anyone. I told her that because they hadn't allowed me to get entree size that they would simply have to throw it all out and it was such a waste. It wasn't my fault!! After dinner we went to Karaoke, which was hilarious! My sister and I had put our names down to sing two songs...but they ended up already being taken so we just gave up and left.

Here are a few pictures:
These are the two dresses I bought (sorry about the crap quality!)

This is my sister, my best friend and I:


All That Razzberry said...

Wow! Congratulations on cracking the 80's!!

Anonymous said...

WOW those dresses look awesome on you!

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