Thursday, March 17, 2011

Disappointing week :(

Didn't lose anything at all this week...not even 100 grams!
I'm a bit concerned now about my travels and whether I can still lose overseas
I still have restriction but I wish I had more
I won't be getting anymore fills before I leave because I don't want to risk being too tight
But I'm really going to have to work hard now at watching what I eat and working out
I know that when I'm away I will have chances to indulge, but I'll also be walking heaps and swimming and basically moving alot more than I do here
Hopefully this is just a plateau


Mo said...


Honestly I think with all the exercise you will be doing you will still loose. I know when I went to the UK for two weeks I was so surprised despite over indulging in so much, I came back 1-2 kilo's lighter. I had forgotten how when in London (and other travelling) there is just so much exercise involved! And that was with no fill in bandster hell, so I know you will be fine!

Kayta Hackman said...

I naturally lose when on holiday - all of the walking and swimming and HEAT is going to be great for you.. one off week is NOTHING in the scheme of things, keep your head up with your eyes on the goal and you'll do just fine :)

alycejo said...

Thanks guys!
I know I'll lose when I'm there
I just hate stalling my losses!

Sam said...

Just think, you'll be on holidays and running around all day, everyday. You will lose while your away. You are going to have a great time away :o)

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