Saturday, March 19, 2011

NSV but not doing well

First of all...I just cannot stop eating
Seriously if I'm not working then I am sitting at home eating crap
I don't want to get a fill because I know I won't be able to eat in Europe
But I just have no will power right now
When I'm overseas I'm sure I'll be so tight on money that I won't be able to afford junk
But I don't want to gain weight before I even get to Europe
Blahhh it feels just like bandster hell again

Anyways to my NSV...
I have had this dress hung up on my wall since I got banded
It's size 12 and I only wore it once when I was 18, the last time I'd lost some weight
I'm pretty sure when I last wore it I was somewhere between 70-80kg
I'm currently around 90kg and it zipped all the way up!
It's fairly stretchy around the bust and really flowy, so I'm kind of ignoring the size (I'm not even a size 14 yet!)
It is perfect for when I go away. Such a summery dress
Woooo go me :P


DiZneDiVa said...

Beautiful! Have a great time on your trip.

Sam said...

You are going to have such a great time :o) You look great in the dress!

Blossom said...

You look great! I hear ya about the sitting at home just eating. I've realized that when I'm bored, I think about food & eat something even if I didn't want it. Gotta stop that!

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