Monday, May 6, 2013

The Invisalign diet

On Thursday, I began my invisalign treatment.
For those who don't know what invisalign are, it's the new clear braces technology. Rather than irritating metal wires in my mouth, I now where tight retainers 22hours of everyday for a year in order to straighten my overcrowded teeth.
They are nearly invisible and I can eat whatever I want. Every time I eat though, I need to take them out, brush and floss my teeth...every single time!
Now I admit to being quite a lazy person, so the thought of having to brush and floss my teeth after every bite of food does not seem worth it. Hence, I've already lost 1kg since Thursday! It works fantastically with my band and is certainly a good way of proving that most of the time I'm only head hungry. I've been sticking to three meals a day, and although my band is not very tight, I don't often feel very hungry.
Goes to show that all that snacking I used to do was most likely just boredom!


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