Thursday, November 4, 2010

I hate Fred

Weird title huh?
Well when my friends and I were first getting our period, we nicknamed it Fred and he was a real pain in the ass and still is!
I just had to get "Fred" the day after my unfill
So on top of the lack of restriction I now have, I also have horrible cravings
I've been trying to eat well, but since being so sick this past weekend I think all my fat cells sucked up every calorie I ate!
I expected to gain a little because of my unfill but I didn't expect more of a gain because of my period
So unfortunately I have gained 2kg since being sick and too tight
But I expected it so I don't feel too guilty, I still lost 1.1kg since last week
Ahh I was so close to being under 100kg!


amandakiska said...

Stay off the scale until Fred leaves town. Those extra kilos aren't real gains, just extra fluids and they'll be gone soon. Make a list of acceptable snack foods and have them at the ready when the munchies hit. My favorite is light popcorn. I sprinkle some Molly McButter (or Molly McCheese) on it. Yum!

Liz said...

Bloody Fred!!!! Always comes at the wrong time huh!!! Don't worry, you have still lost weight so its all good. Your new display pic is pretty :)

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