Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh how I've missed you

First of all, I'm sorry for not posting this week
I honestly didn't know what to write
I am eating horribly and not exercising...I'm just not motivated
I did lose half a kilo this week, surprisingly though because I have been out of control

The only good news I have is that I have booked and paid for my European adventure!
At the moment I have a 6 month ticket!
I am so excited, but I won't be leaving until 1st May 2011 so I still have a while to go
You would think that I would be working hard to lose weight now because of this, but no, I am the laziest person ever =(
I need restriction
I can eat anything and everything and I just don't have any self control

Other than that I really have no other news
I've still been reading all your blogs though!


The Babbling Bandit said...

So know what you're talking about! I need a fill badly too. You look great in your pic so I wouldn't worry too much! V.

Nella said...

oooh 6 month open ticket sounds like a sweet reward baby! just a little bump in the road...

Tina said...

Hi there-thanks for commenting over at my blog. You came too soon though :) I was still editing the thing. Go back and makes much more sense now.6 month ticket!! I am thrilled that we have managed to get 6 weeks in the UK and Italy..I am sooo jealous.

You so need to get in for a fill!! :) You could be at goal by the time your trip starts and have oh so much energy to climb those hills and hike those staircases to the tops of towers with views of the countrysides.


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