Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I need a big glass of motivation

Yep, one exactly like this one
I wish we could just drink a potion or take a pill that would motivate us to help ourselves
Seriously I feel so stupid
I feel like I'm sabotaging myself from losing weight and being happy
I have 23 weeks until I get to Europe and I need to lose a heap more weight before I can feel comfortable at the beach or in Summer clothes
If I lose 1/2 a kilo per week I can get down to around 91kg (200lbs)...that is still way too high for someone my height
If I lose 1 kilo per week I can get down to the 80kg mark (180lbs)
I cannot wait to have this fill
I've found that once I start getting regular fills I have been really motivated and determined to lose a whole heap of weight before I go see the doctor again
1 more week until my fill...I'm staying strong (I guess :P)


Liz said...

Alyce what a good idea!!! I would certainly buy a glass of motivation....I need it too. Just remember, you are actually doing really well. Maybe the past week has been hard because you had fluid taken out, but seriously hun you've lost so much weight and I'm sure you will look beautiful to go to Europe. I'm sabotaging myself too so you're not alone!! Take care xoxox

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