Monday, October 17, 2011

Update..yet another unfill

Okay so I have finally learnt my lesson...
Don't let the doctor give you a huge fill!
This weekend sucked...I was more thirsty than I was hungry
This morning I went to the doctors office and got lots of fluid taken out
First she took out 1.2cc
She told me to go for a walk, get a drink and if I still feel tight go back
So I did just that...and what do you know...Still tight!
I just constantly felt a pressure in my chest...however water actually went down fine
So she took out another 3cc!
So I barely have any fluid in my band
I still feel sore though. Around my diaphragm
She did say that my stomach could be swollen so it might take some time to heal
I asked her for a referral for a barium swallow but she said I didn't need it :S I think I will go ask my doctor and he might give me a referal just for some piece of mind.

Has anyone else experienced this? The pain is like cramps under my breasts


Kristin50 said...

Your pouch needs a rest from all of this I am imagining! Take this time to follow a liquid and mushie diet to let it do just that!

Anonymous said...

Hmm I often get discomfort and random pain around my stomach and between my breasts. I always just put it down to my band!

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