Friday, February 4, 2011


I still don't get this band stuff
Yesterday my doctor said I need to count my calories and improve my eating habits
So today I counted everything that touched my mouth
It's 5.30pm and so far I've consumed about 540 cals
How do you guys get enough calories in?
I've read that having not enough calories also slows down your weightloss
I just don't know what to do anymore!
I'm still going to exercise tonight so my deficit will be even greater

Please Please Explain!


Anonymous said...

Your metabolism slows down when you don't eat as much. It thinks that it needs to store (starvation reflex type thing) so eating 5 small meals a day keeps your metabolism up. Especially get that protein in there because it keeps the hunger away. Carbs=more hunger.

Hope that helps! Eating some carbs (like half a cup of whole grain pasta or brown rice) are good ways to up your cals, or nuts and beans are good protein and the nuts help with hunger because they are a good kind of fat. Also, vegs and fruits are excellent carbs and you can get your cals up with those though I have to use a book to look those up.

Good luck!

Epiphany said...

Caity's advice is good.

Don't take mine, I'm terrible with my diet. I start back on track Monday. ;)

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