Saturday, February 12, 2011

Learning to love my body

Last week I bought a new bathing suit
Summer is quickly ending here in Oz so all the Swim wear is being cleared from stores and if I don't start buying Summer clothes now I won't be able to find anything before Europe!
I hate wearing bathers
Seriously I fear them
But if I'm going to spend Summer in Europe I really need to suck it up and face my fears
I went into City Chic the other day and fell in love with the cutest tank
and it was half price!
I took some pictures and cannot believe how far I've come!

I am completely loving the way I look in this photo. I still have lots more to lose but it's going to come off soon!

Remember where I started?! 32kg (70lbs) heavier!

On a side note...
The band has been treating me very well lately!
Haven't had a problem with it for a few days
Since Monday I've already lost 1.1kg (2.42lbs) and I think it's all because I'm more focused than ever on getting this weight off
I highly recommend getting some kind of gadget like the BodyMediaFit armband
It has helped me heaps!

I currently weight 93.9kgs
I really want to get to 85kg by the time I leave for Europe (11 weeks away) and I'm about 90% positive I'll make my goal!


All That Razzberry (Outback Bandit) said...

You have a really cute figure emerging there :)

alycejo said...

I like seeing a somewhat hour glass figure forming :P

DiZneDiVa said...

Gorgeous! You are quite the hot little thing... I expect some tales of Eurpoean romance coming in the future.

Kerri said...


brittanyjoy said...

Alyce you look amazing in those bathers! I'm so proud you will definitely make it to 85kgs!

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