Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Body Step and PT

I went to my first ever Body Step class and it was painful!
It took me a while to get coordinated, and I didn't even put blocks under the step
But at least I tried it, and I will be going again next week

PT was a lot easier this week. A lot less leg work. Did a lot of boxing and weighted squats and lunges.

I'm getting quite a few friends and family telling me to slow down at the gym, and I guess I do actually do quite a bit, but I enjoy it!

Sunday: Zumba
Monday: 30 mins Cardio machines + Boxing
Tuesday: 30 mins Cardio machines + Zumba
Wednesday: Personal Training + Body Step
Thursday: Cardio + Weights + Body Combat + Zumba = Killer Thursdays!!
Friday: Zumba Toning



Gi said...

Careful hun it does sound like you are doing a lot and you don't want to burn yourself out.
But by the sounds of it you should be a toned up gym rat in no time ha ha :)
Ps I am so super duper jealous of you and your zumba class!
I went to start it the other day and my gym had dropped the class :( instead they replaced it with body jive which is pretty much everyone in the room watching as the instructor (in her words) "drops it like its hot" not exactly the dance class i wanted!

alycejo said...

Oh Gi that would be so frustrating!
I love Zumba, I would cry if they got rid of it!!
My Zumba instructor is currently learning to instruct a Les Mills dance class...might be the same one you're talking about?
Oh one week we had a different Zumba instructor and she sounds like the instructor you've got! She was so wrapped up in looking sexy, and she did the routines so quickly that noone could keep up!

I know I'm doing a lot at the gym, but my diet is not 100% perfect, it's probably not even close to being 80% perfect so I really have to work hard!

20 to go! said...

I hate that track where you have to jump over the step from side to side! I feel so unco! And it's hard. I love the idea of a Super Sat Sesh or a killer Thursday.

alycejo said...

hahaha I felt completly unco the entire class! but my bum, calves and thighs are really feeling it today :( I'm limping around the office like a cripple!

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