Sunday, July 8, 2012

Plateau :(

I am stuck!
It's the final day of challenge, thank god
But I'm hovering between 92-93kg and just can't break it...even with optislim!

Any suggestions?
BRB, off to zumba!


20 to go! said...

Nope, sometimes our body just won't do what we want it to. Don't worry I am sure that you will have a big drop after a small plateau!

Sarah said...

As the queen of the plateau, I can confirm that if you keep doing everything right you will eventually fall off the edge but it can be almost impossible to convince your body to do so. I usually have to change something big for a day or two. More sleep, more water, skip lunch, dinner before 6 pm, liquid dinner. The most important things though are to stay on track, exercise and steer clear of the alcohol until you off the plateau again.

alycejo said...

Thanks ladies! I'm not going to stress too much over it. I'm changing up my workout routine and hopefully that helps. it just gets frustrating when you work so hard but dont get results!

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