Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fill and measurements

I finally got another fill.
My doctor is so happy with my progress. According to her scales, I've lost 4kg since seeing her 6 weeks ago. She said she could really tell that I'm slimmer though.
I got another small fill of 0.2cc. Hopefully this is my sweet spot!

I went to PT straight after the appointment and got my measurements. I have lost so many cm's!! 12cms off my waist since starting gym!! He can really tell that I'm toning up a lot.

Hopefully now my diet will improve and I'll be able to reach goal!


Sarah said...

That's really fantastic well done. I do think it helps to look at the longer term picture from time to time. xx

Gi said...

Wow 12cm Wholey Guacamole that's awesome!
Keep up the wonderful work.

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