Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunny weekend!

This weekend my sister and I went up to the Gold Coast to visit friends.
We thought the weather was amazing! It was so sunny and warm. Our friends however, thought it was freezing and kept apologising for the crap weather lol
We ate so much crap :( It's so hard being at other people's homes when they don't know I have the band. My friend doesn't cook so most of our meals were fast food or frozen meals.
I don't think my recent fill made any difference.
I'm not proud of this, but I ate pizza, chicken nuggets, fries, pastries and drank lots of alcohol
We did however, do a lot of walking.
I came home and was quite surprised that I didn't gain any weight
I haven't lost weight in a long tie though. I'm hoping it's because I'm gaining muscle
I have a fill booked in for the 29th August and am definitely going in for another small fill

Here are some photos of the trip :)

 I did not enjoy the "Buzz Saw" coaster at Dreamworld!

 My Sister and I

 Dreamworld was awesome!


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