Saturday, August 18, 2012

To fill or not to fill?

Since my last fill on August 1st, I haven't felt any difference in my restriction
I am still hungry often, even after a meal, and I am consequently snacking more than I know I should
As you might know, I joined the 12 Week Body Transformation challenge and to complete it successfully, it is encouraged to eat exactly what is on the meal plan
Part of me would love to get another fill, but the other part of me knows that if I do get a fill, I won't be able to stick to the program 100%
I have a fill appointment booked for august 29th and then another one on September 26th
I haven't actually recieved my meal plans yet (the 12 weeks begins on August 27th) so i'll guess I'll just wait and see what the recipes involve and decide at the end of this month


Gi said...

Good luck with it hun!

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