Thursday, May 10, 2012

Goals and rewards

I am loving the gym right now
In fact, today I am going for two sessions!

I have officially signed up for the 8 week body transformation challenge!
Goal is a mimimum of 5kg (11lbs) in 8 weeks. Seems easy considering I'm eating well and working out...but in the last week and a half since starting gym I haven't even lost a hundred grams :(
Everyone keeps assuring me that I shouldn't expect results straight away and I'm gaining muscle mass...but if I can't even lose 5kg in the next two months then something is definitely wrong.

If I reach my goal, I am using the $50 I win to get a nose piercing. I've wanted to get it done for so long so it's perfect timing!

Last month a won a raffle and the prize was a haircut voucher at this great salon. I've decided that when I lose 10kg I will use that voucher. Between now and losing 10kg, I am not touching my hair...even if it a right mess!



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