Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Personal training! And fill?

Well I just got back from my first personal training session...
it was intense!!

Here's a run down...

3 reps of:
- 20 step ups with medicine ball
- 20 medicine ball squat and throws
- 10 push ups
- 30 seconds dumbbell punches
2 reps of boxing straight punches
2 x 3 stair runs
2 reps of boxing upper cuts
2 x 3 stair runs
2 reps of:
- 20 seconds crunches passing medicine balls
- 20 seconds bicycle crunches
- 20 seconds planks
Also, I have a fill appointment booked in for next week and I'm still debating whether I need an adjustment. I'm losing weight and I'm eating rather well... but my portions are still too big and I'm still snacking a lot
I still haven't wrapped my head around the lap band guidelines...not sure how far from my sweet spot i am and i dont want to risk being too tight again
Any suggestions?


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