Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm back!

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted My weight loss...or should I say gain, has made me too guilty to post about it. But I am ready and back on track I even signed up for the gym!!! I officially started 1st May 2012 for a year contract! Now that's commitment :D I've had two gym sessions so far and I am SORE! But feeling really good about it. I am wearing the bodyfit media calorie band every day and I am sticking to a calorie intake of max 1200 per day I don't feel restriction in my band as yet so I'm just eating portions are still too big though. But I have a fill appointment on Tuesday 8th May I'm also joining an 8 week body transformation challenge at the gym! Goal is to lose at least 5 kg in 8 weeks. Seems possible. To qualify for the challenge you need to log 4 workouts per week so I have no way to cheat because my trainer will be on my back making sure I'm putting in the work!! Things are looking promising! I'm determined to drop a few sizes before November where I will be heading to America for a month! So excited to go shopping :P Hope people haven't forgotten about me! I will be spending this long miserable day at work reading all your posts :)


20 to go! said...

Wow! That sounds like some rocking mojo you have found!

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