Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 2 of liquids!

Woah I stepped on the scale to a new low: 88.9kg! Feels amazing
Hope the scale wasn't pranking me, April Fool's has past so I will smash it to pieces if it shows a gain tomorrow :P

Yesterday I had liquids up until dinner time
I was hoping to do it all day but we had visitors and didn't want to feel left out
For dinner I had some "vegetarian" meat. Yes, you heard correctly! This band will not allow me to indulge in some meat or chicken anymore so I have to settle for the fake stuff. It's not as great as real meat but it's close enough. The texture of it is easier to break down than meat so it goes down fine.
I also had a tiny tiny tiny slice of cake.

But something really strange is going on. After I ate some food I started getting that sick feeling I mentioned last week. Lately I've had stomach aches all day everyday. I really don't know what it could be, and I don't really want to go to the doctors because I'm scared they'll tell me not to go overseas!
It's not painful, it's just an uncomfortable sickness



TheCurvyCat said...

Sometimes a heavy influx of soy can cause nausea and stomachaches, and if you've been eating an unusual (for you) amount of meat substitutes that may be the culprit. I got that sort of thing last week during my 2 days of liquids because I mix my protein powder with soymilk rather than water or regular milk, and having 4-5 cups a day of soymilk was a huge increase from my normal 1-cup per day usual intake. Once I got back on to soft-then-regular solids it went away.

The inability to eat meat (and fishe and eggs and tofu) was was prompted me to get my unfill. I just couldn't deal anymore with getting stuck all the damn time on the things I was supposed to be eating. heheh

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what a few days of liquids can do for weight loss! I know how you feel about the weight coming off much slower nowadays, sometimes I wish it would just fall off like it did when I was first banded haha But your right, drinking more water, moving more etc You will definitely get to 85kgs for your trip!

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