Sunday, April 10, 2011

Night reflux

Well ladies I don't know if stress/nerves/excitement affects the band but something is not right
For the last few nights, trying to sleep has been very uncomfortable
I've been having acid reflux and it's not fun!
My eating really hasn't changed much...I can still eat, so hopefully it's not a sign of a slipped band
But the next available appointment with my Dr is in 3 weeks and I can't wait that long! My doctors clinic frustrates me sometimes. I'll call them again on Monday and basically beg that I need an unfill


All That Razzberry said...

That's crap Alycejo. My doctor tells me every time I see him that if I need an unfill, I dont need an appointment, I am just to go to the clinic and they will fit me in.

Good luck!

Something About Kellie said...

My doctor is also very accommodating for unfills :( I hope you get it sorted soon.

Sam said...

I hope it gets sorted out soon for you!! And stress and nerves, I find, play a huge part in how the band is behaving :o)

Pie said...

I also just recently had my first bout of acid reflux. Totally randomly too. I stopped eating right before bed and that helped a TON. Give yourself at least 3 hours and see how it goes.

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