Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sometimes I wish that I hadn't looked in the mirror so often or taken so many photos during this weight loss process.
I'm sitting here watching the Biggest Loser Makeovers and am in awe of how amazing these people look.
The best part was that these people hadn't had the chance to see their bodies changing since being at camp Biggest Loser.
Lately my self esteem hasn't been too great. I'm starting to feel fat again and just don't feel very motivated.
If I don't look at my before pictures as often as I do, I probably wouldn't feel much different from when I was at my heaviest.



Epiphany said...

That's exactly how I feel, how the show made me feel too. :(

Anonymous said...

the show was amazing! how good did Leigh look! You wil always have days where your feel fat and frumpy. But you've just got to take it all in your stride. Take the good with the bad and you've got the numbers to back you up whenever your feeling down :)

Nella said...

Stop watching the show! You have lost almost 90lbs! EMBRACE IT BABY! oh yeah, you are also a university graduate! HELLO!

Jen said...

Those shows are such a combo of inspiring and disheartening. So weird.

I wish I had taken more progress pics, I'm not even sure I have any at ALL at my highest weight, which is kind of disappointing. LOL

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