Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Photo I actually like

These last few days I've been up in Warrnambool (a seaside town in Victoria, Australia)
The weather was pretty decent so we went for a hike through Tower Hill, an extinct volcano
I was feeling brave so we decided to walk the steep track
Far out it was tough! So many steps and such steep hills
It was worth it though, the view was amazing

Dad decided to take this photo of me walking
Normally I would cringe so bad at a full body shot and would probably delete it straight away, but I actually liked this one of me
It definitely shows that I've lost alot of weight. Makes me so proud to see it and smile :)


Nikki P said...

Congratulations Alyce, you are looking fantastic. :-)

Sam said...

You are looking great & I love the finger :p That is something I would do if someone was taking a photo of me, but then I don't look half as good as you yet :o)

Janelle said...

You do look great!

Anonymous said...

You look awesome!

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