Saturday, April 16, 2011

Life is great!

Yesterday I got another 1cc taken out of my band
My doctor was so proud of me because even though I admitted to eating junk, I still lost a decent amount of weight!
She was only going to take out 0.5cc but I'm so desperate to eat normal meals I decided to take the full 1cc out. I was experiencing alot of heart burn while I was waiting at her office, and the second she took the fluid out, I felt instant relief.

Today, my eating has been excellent!

This is what I've eaten so far (it's 2pm right now):
Breakfast- 2 weetbix & 150ml light milk (couldn't get the full bowl down within half an hour but I had about 3/4 of it)= 175 cals
Lunch- 1 egg omelette with 1 small tomato and a handful of shredded cheese (amazing! even the tomato went down with no problems)= 174 cals
PM snack- 1 cup cream of chicken soup = 88 cals

I've also been able to drink about 700mls of water so far. I have a new appreciation for the stuff now! The last few weeks I've probably only had 1 or 2 glasses of water in a day and I was feeling horrible.

So glad I got the unfill. I was afraid of gaining weight, but I'm determined to lose more weight so I'm going to work my ass off!

Also, I have 2 weeks until I leave for Europe! As if that's not motivating :P


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