Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hangover + Body combat =


I haven't had a drink since the end of April, before signing up to the gym
But this weekend is my sister's big 21st weekend so I made an exception!
Last night I had a few too many vodka waters and sambuca shots and man oh man did I feel it this morning!
I felt like absolute shit, but my sister and I were determined to go to Body combat so we sucked it up and went!
Our gym launched all the new les mills programs today so we really wanted to go to the new body combat so we aren't behind next week
Holy hell was it intense!!
I was panting and puffing, the instructor was hard core and didn't let us slack off!
I felt so much better after it though, more energy and ready to take on the big 21st party tonight!
Tonight's menu is pizza and finger food and cupcakes :S
I think I'll stick to some light dumplings and maybe one cupcake :)


20 to go! said...

good girl! I went to pump last night before downing 15 cocktails! I am positive that it made a difference to the way i felt today for sure! Baby steps!

Kristin50 said...

Awesome that you went to Body Combat even after that wild night!

That means you are committed, that is awesome!

Gi said...

Hey I just found your blog and it's a total inspiration for me. I am 23 and looking to have weight loss surgery and your blog totally hits close to home!
Keep up the amazing work!

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