Thursday, June 7, 2012

I worked out for 3 hours today!

Who knew I had it in me!

Workout one:

10 mins elliptical
10 mins bike
10 mins rowing
2 sets of: (3kg/6.6lbs dumbbells)
15 chest flys
15 lateral raise
15 front raise
20 bicep curls
10 tricep kickbacks (left arm)
10 tricep kickbacks (right arm)

That was around lunchtime.
Now I just got back from a Body Combat class (OUCH!) and Zumba!

I struggled in body combat. My port site was hurting when we did Ab work...I'm guessing I'm still a bit tender from yesterday's fill?


20 to go! said...

I bruised my port really bad once, my doctor was worried until i told him that i planked, hovered, did sit ups and stuff at the gym and we realised that over 6 days of week training was fully bruising my port. lol! I tried to convince him that I might need to stop, but he didn't go for it : P

alycejo said...

Is a bruised port dangerous? I'm scared! I'm still going to keep working out but I may leave the ab work out for a while

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