Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 4 weigh in

Well I skipped last week’s weigh in because it was that time of the month
Today is my 4th weigh in for the 8 week weight loss challenge I’m in
Goal was to lose 5kg (11lbs) in 8 weeks
SW- 97kg (213.4)
2 weeks ago (28/5/12): 95.6kg (210.32)
Today (11/6/12): 93.7kg (206.14)
Loss- 1.9kg (4.18lbs)
I am so happy with that!
nearly 2kg in 2 weeks is exceptional for me! My goal was at least 0.5kg each week
Since starting the challenge on 14th May, I have lost 4.5kg (9.9kbs)! In 4 weeks!
I have 4 weeks to go, and technically, I only need to lose another 0.5kg :)
*starts happy dance…zumba style!”


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