Saturday, June 30, 2012

Last week of Challenge!

This is the final week of my gym's 8 week weight loss challenge
My goal was to lose 5kg
I'm close to that goal, if I haven't passed it already
But just to be sure, I'm going to stick to optislim shakes and vegetables for this week
I'm hoping I'll lose another 1-2kg this week with the help of the shakes
I'm so close to being under 90 kg again!


20 to go! said...

You are doing so well and that 8 weeks has just flown hasn't it?

alycejo said...

Thanks hun! Yes it has!!
This whole year is flying!

Kristin50 said...

You are really working hard and it is paying off!

I think you will see this goal you are working so hard for, exercise is the key to this whole equation!

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