Friday, January 21, 2011

5 day pouch test

Well Day 2 of optifast was great
In the past 2 days I've lost 1.4kg (3.08lbs) which I'm happy with
At least it gave me the kick start I needed
I am no longer craving junk food or snacks

My current weight is 96kg
That means this week I will need to lose 1kg to get to my birthday goal of 95kg
Seems a lot more possible now

I've been reading a lot about this 5 day pouch test
Over xmas time I've been having problems with a lot of foods getting stuck and my initial reaction would be to go and vomit the food up
But after reading about the 5DPT, I've realised that the uncomfortable feeling in your chest just means you're full?
I still don't know for sure, but whenever I think I am stuck it's not as painful as everyone makes it out to be
To me, being stuck is just feeling a bit tight and uncomfortable in my sternum area

I wasn't planning on doing the pouch test
but I'd already done 2 days optifast so why not give it a shot

Day 3 is soft proteins: eggs, tuna etc
This morning I scrambled one egg for breakfast and wow I can already feel that restriction I once had
Could only stomach half of it...only a few bites really

Oh how I missed proper restriction!


Something About Kellie said...

When I get stuck it hurts and it actually makes me feel a bit nauseous :(

I feel something that reminds me of very mild indigestion when I am 'full'.

I think you will get to your birthday goal!

Sam said...

Good luck with your birthday goal, you are almost there :o)

I also found the 5DPT to helpful in finding my restriction, mind you I then went of a two week chocolate ride, so maybe I should do the 5DPT again :o)

The Babbling Bandit said...

Hi Alyce. Love reading your blog. Nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award over at my blog. V.

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