Thursday, January 20, 2011

I've just passed the 30kg mark
So far (since my heaviest of 126.6kg) I have lost a whopping 30.2kg (66.44lbs)
What an awesome feeling!

Current weight is 96.4kg (212lbs)
My next major goal is to be under 200lbs

I can't believe it has been 160 days/23 weeks/5.75 months since surgery!
Nearly hitting my 6 mnth bandiversary!
It has gone so quick

Day one on optifast went well
Everything was perfect except I snuck in a few cheeky jellybeans
Day two is about to commence, and I know that I will reach 95kg by my bday :)


Epiphany said...

Would you believe we started 400gms different (I was 126.9kg) and are now 400gms different - with me stuck on 96kg?? LOL!!

You are doing SO well. I'm proud of you.

alycejo said...

woah that is so freaky!!!
ahhhh im so scared of hitting another plateau
the optifast is doing it's job but i dont want to be stuck on it together

thanks hun
you're such an inspiration to me!

Seeing in colour said...

OI CONGRATS your amazing.... well bloody done..... doing so well... im jealous i need to kick myself up the bum and get started again :(

alycejo said...

aww ash we all miss you in blogland!

-Grace- said...


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