Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I was heavier than that?!

Wow I was reading through old journals from the past year
and to my horror I recorded a almighty weight of 126.6kg in June of 2010
I thought I was a kilogram lighter than that
I know it's only a kilo, but any number higher than what I currently am is way way way too heavy for me!
Can you imagine a 21 year old, 5" tall girl weighing 126.6kg (278.5lbs)!!
That is HUGE

I can look back at pictures and think woah I was huge
but I don't actually remember feeling or looking that big

Therefore, I am going to change my stats to reflect my highest ever weight
It's only a kilogram heavier than my pre optifast weight, but seeing that number might give me the motivation I need

I finally measured myself again last night
Although progress has slowed down, it's amazing to see in numbers how many cm's I've lost

Mum wanted to see some of my before photos
I have never showed her any of the horrible ones I put up on here
Usually whenever I find a photo of myself I would remove it from the computer and save it somewhere for only me to see
She was shocked to see how much I had actually changed in such a short time

Everyone can already sense how much more confident I am and how much I am starting to enjoy life

I feel so happy right now
I just wish my weight loss could speed up just a bit more before Europe
So ready for my fill on Feb 3rd!


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