Monday, January 3, 2011

Big Weekend Photo Post!

Happy New Year everyone!
This year is truly going to be an amazing one
I feel happier, healthier and more confident
and I'm off to Europe in 4 months, what more could a girl want?!

I live in Melbourne, Australia
and New Years Eve was a scorcher, 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit!)
My sister and I had booked a hotel smack bang in the middle of the city
It was the perfect location to walk down to the main festivities and fireworks
Instead of just sitting around and waiting, we went to the Crown Casino to just chill out and have a few drinks
The Casino is amazing! If you are ever in Melbourne you HAVE to visit the Crown, it has such an awesome vibe to it
We went to a place called The Pub, had a few drinks and a bit of a dance
Then we went down to watch the fireworks along the river...they really weren't that spectacular, but it was nice to be in amongst the excited crowd

Because New Years Day fell on a weekend, the Public holiday was set for the Monday (today) so last night there were alot of clubs and events open to Part-ayyyy!
My friends and I went to an event called Plastic
One entry fee, entry to TWO clubs and about 14 bands!
Seriously my cup of tea
I love live music, and my fave band was playing to we just had to go!
It was awesome, had a bit too many drinks but made sure I danced it all off

Here are some pics from the weekend...


Anonymous said...

looks like an awesome NYE weekend :)

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