Friday, January 14, 2011

Confessions of a junk food addict...and NSV!

I have been eating horribly these past few weeks
To the point where my body is rebelling and I am constant feeling sick in the stomach
Everytime my parents go away I pig out
Thank God they are only gone for a week
But I should be stronger than this...I should know by now that I can't stuff my face anymore
I'm still losing slowly but I really need to rethink my goals and my diet

Big NSV though!
Okay so I think I've said this many times before
but I am obsessed with a local band called Stealing O'neal
They're music is amazing, they're good to look at and they are all round nice boys
I have seen them seriously about 50 times or more over the past four years and I have never once been able to buy a tee shirt because they only stock small sizes
In October I decided to buy one...a few sizes too small
I tried it on yesterday and it finally fit! and I didn't have to squeeze into it either, it was so comfortable!

Here's a picture...
It is a very plain t-shirt, but I love it

Also I just have to say how amazing those pants are!
They're the new work pants I bought from Target and they are miracle pants
They suck everything in and make me feel great!


Annie said...

Oh I can totally relate re: junk food. It's like you know you should not be eating it but you just can't stop!! I think you look great in your shirt :)

Epiphany said...

I just ate salt & vinegar chips. :P

I know what you mean about t-shirts and stuff - well done!! It looks great!

Sarah G said...

That shirt looks great, way to go!

Anonymous said...

You're looking great hun <3. So proud and so jealous, wish I had your determination. The shirt looks great and so do the pants. :D

awithers1 said...

you look great

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