Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Best. Dinner. Ever!

First of all,
I would just like to thank every single one of you ladies who are reading my blog and commenting and supporting me
Without you girls I doubt I would have been as successful as I've been so far
I wish I could meet all of you and give you a big big hug!
I really appreciate all your kind words and advice :)

Now back to the delicious dinner!
I was sick of having the same foods everyday so I decided to spice it up a bit
Mum and I made some mince patties for dinner tonight
They were so easy!
Mince, onion, parsley, a little ketchup and mustard, salt & pepper
That's it!
I made them really small and froze a few so I can have them this week
I feel a little guilty though because I didn't have any veggies with them...actually haven't had any veggies all day =S
I'll have a glass of v8 later because I regret not having anything!
But anyways with the patties I decided to have a somewhat burger (without the bun/salad)
I chucked on an egg and topped it off with a teaspoon of avocado
So delicious! Oh my gosh it was to die for

I've been so lucky so far with my food
Nothing's been stuck yet, everything went down fine and no PBing or discomfort while eating
Touch wood that it will stay that way!!


Pamela E. Williams said...

Hmmmm sounds interesting. Forgive me because now I'm going to have to google Mince as I have never heard of it.

You seem to be doing very well. Congrats. I have been lucky as well as I have not been stuck or PB'ed yet, that I know of. I did have an incident with Egg Beaters that I don't want to repeat. I scrambled some w/cheddar cheese(eq. of 2 eggs) and topped it with salsa and greek yogurt. For some reason it made me want to hurl. I took two bites and threw the rest away. I had eatten that dish before with no problems but this time....OMG, hurl city.

Congrats again!!

Beth said...

Ummm .... whats mince???

alycejo said...

So apparently everwhere but America called it minced meat but according to wikipedia Americans refer to it as ground meat

It's so confusing having a different vocabulary across countries!

Jen said...

LOL about the mince thing!!

Patties are one of my favorites. Meat, chicken, salmon, mackerel, just about anything will work.

And they make such fabulous leftovers. Easy to pack up for lunch for me or my kiddo.

I'm bad about getting in my veggies, which is weird because I was so good about it before being banded. I just seem to run out of room a lot of the time with my protein before I get to the veggies.

But I have managed to get them inside omelettes and I eat edamame as a snack post-workout fairly often (have to chew the HECK out of it, though, as it likes to get stuck). Gotta come up with some more ideas to get 'em in more here and there, though. :)

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