Monday, September 6, 2010

Post-op Appointment & First Fill =D

Hello Lovelies!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while
Things haven't been so good these last few days food-wise
I have been craving anything and everything!
Doesn't help that it's TTOM
But Bandster Hell has driven me insane. I'm constantly hungry and choosing all the wrong foods

Today I had my first Post-Op appointment
I was under the impression that I would meet up with my surgeon and I wouldn't be able to get a fill because it's only been 3 weeks out
But I went and the surgeon wasn't even working!
I met with one of the other Drs though, and she was wonderful
So friendly and really helpful
I told her how hungry I was and that I hadn't had any problems with food
She said I could start easing myself onto solid foods
And then she gave me a fill!
She made sure I understood that she might not be able to get to the port today because she could feel that my stomach was still swollen
But she got it on the first try!
Wasn't painful at all and the whole process was so quick!

She told me I have a small band- 10cc
and today she put in 1.5cc
I'm on liquids for the remainder of the day and then mushies for the rest of the week
Then solids!
She was so proud of me because of how much weight I've already lost :)

I'm so happy right now :)
This fill came at the right time because I think I was plateauing there for a while

Now off to work...*sigh*


Seeing in colour said...

Fantastic well done!

First fill over now... its all starting to happen.

I have a 10ml band and i have 5ml in at the moment and it scares me how hungry i am most of the time.. but most of it is head hunger i think:-

Seeing in colour said...

ps. nominated you for a blog award :D

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