Monday, September 20, 2010

Fill number TWO

Just got home from my second fill

I told her that I felt no restriction after my first one so she put in an extra 2cc today
The first fill didn't hurt as much as this one
The needle was fine
It was the kneading of my stomach to find the port that was a bit uncomfortable
My stomach is just a bit tender now

Hopefully this fortnight I will have great results because by her scale I only lost half a kilo


Epiphany said...

It took at least 6 fills (from memory) to get it right for me. It's a gradual process.

Seeing in colour said...

Its weird... sometimes i feel good where im at and them sometimes i think maybe i dont have enough in... i have 5.5ml in at the moment so just over half capacity.... i think its working for me? i get more stuck now but havent pb'd.

ps. your comment made me cry a was so sweet. There is hope... half the women out there arent crazy and as opionated as i am so men will love them... as for me... im full on.

after that post i went shopping to make myself feel better aahaha.

Your great Alyce x

Seeing in colour said...

pps. I also like your new layout.

alycejo said...

Aww I'm glad it helped
I've never had a I don't have much experience but I know alot of guys and I know that they can be such insensitive a*holes at times!

And yeah I hope the fill works
*fingers crossed*

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