Saturday, September 18, 2010

My new love is...

All Bran!

Holy cow it is a lifesaver
This may be TMI but since surgery I had only managed to "Go" once a week
I was feeling bloated all the time and I attribute it to my plateau

But man ever since I've started eating All Bran everything is 100% better

So glad I got the courage to try it
Tastes a bit bland, but helps so much


Janelle said...

Fiber One bars help, too. One a day for me!

alycejo said...

hmm I only ever hear of fibre one bars on here and LBT but I don't think I've ever seen them in the stores. I might check them out too!

TheCurvyCat said...

Cereal is my binge weakness, so I don't even want to open that door with All Bran, LOL! I don't even crave sugary cereals, but I'm a fiend for the healthy variety, just in MASS quantities.

I took my mom's suggestion back when I first started eating low-carb back in January.

Benefiber!! (I use the generic version, it's cheaper)

Every day, I add a heaping tablespoon of it to my tea, but it works in pretty much any drink. I find it dissolves faster in hot liquids, but it does dissolve completely in all of them - not like Metamucil or others.

I have a BM every other day, which definitely gets rid of that bloated feeling. If I go more than 3 days without 'going', then I will add a tablespoon to an evening cup of tea before bed too.

I ran out of it for several days a few weeks ago, and I went from going every other day to not going for almost a week -- my belly was so uncomfortble! heh

So yeah, I swear by my Benefiber generic. :)

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