Thursday, September 9, 2010

One month down =)

This was the "holy cow" pre-op picture I was referring to in an earlier post =P

So tomorrow will mark exactly 4 weeks since surgery
I didn't lose anything this week
But since surgery I've lost 5kg (10.8lbs)
All up though I've lost 15kg (33lbs)
I really need to get out of this plateau I'm in
I think I should up my exercise and it's such a beautiful day outside so I'm thinking I should make the most of it and go for a long walk
I know I shouldn't stress out, because I've done great so far
But even a 100gram loss would have motivated me

The biggest change is in my clothes
Yet these last few days have been fat days for me
Everything I try on seems to look horrible and it's really getting me down

I might go to the shops tonight for some retail therapy and buy something nice
Maybe I'm feeling horrible because all my clothes look like tents?
My work pants and jeans are constantly falling off and for the first time in a long time I need to hoist them up with a belt!

This was taken on 29th August


Beth said...

you are frikkin beautiful!! Dont let the plateau get you down, its only the beginning!

alycejo said...

haha aww thanks hun
your comment made me smile :)
I really appreciate your support, and you have done amazingly well! such an inspiration!

Seeing in colour said...

You can already see a huge change... your doing fantastic... dont be worried you will kick butt!

DiZneDiVa said...

Wow, you look fantastic... The weight loss is weird at first, with all the strange liquid diets and such there's a flux and it starts seeming slow or nonexistent... but the weight is moving and will start coming off more consistently with time. You already look so amazing... before you know it you will be at your goal. *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..."

Pamela E. Williams said...

I can see the difference. I agree with Beth you are stunning girl!! I understand where you are, but I do know it will get better. I will be doing Zumba tonight although I'm so tired I could fall out right now. I know understand the fatigue that comes along with the band and eating little amounts of food. Ahhhh well!

-Grace- said...

I already see a difference!!! Great work!

Janelle said...

Don't be upset, you are still waaaay early in the journey and during this time it is normal not to lose. I didn't lose until I got to about my 3rd fill, which was like 2-3 months after surgery. So, just be patient, it WILL happen!

alycejo said...

Thankyou all so much for your lovely comments!
I don't think there is too much of a difference though... I think the black hides things better =P

I'm slowly learning not to rush things
and if people ask how much I've lost I'm just going to say "I don't know because I don't weigh myself"
I've made a promise to my sister that I won't weight myself until next Thursday so fingers crossed I'll get a nice surprise on the scales :)

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