Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First stuck episode...

And it wasn't pleasant
I really wasn't careful today
I was nibbling on little things even though I wasn't even hungry

So I munched on a tiny piece of pasta
And I was sure that I had chewed it enough
But obviously not

The feeling of being stuck wasn't terribly painful
Just uncomfortable
The best way to describe it to my sister was likening it to when you swallow a piece of bread and peanut butter and it's formed a kind of goo in your throat
I got a sharp pain in my back and in my diaphragm

It was stuck for about 10 minutes while I was wriggling around and coughing trying to loosen it up
I eventually coughed over the sink and it all came back up

The fact that it wasn't as horrible and disgusting as vomit made me feel a bit better
I absolutely hate vomitting so I'm glad it wasn't that bad

I just never want it to happen ever, ever again!!


Pamela E. Williams said...

Oh my! I was talking about being stuck in a stress seminar for my doctor's patients last night. Everytime I hear of one it just makes me dread it even more. I'm glad your episode wasn't so bad.

alycejo said...

I guess it happens to everyone eventually
I just wasn't paying too much attention to what I was doing
But a friend of mine said that for her being stuck is the worst feeling ever
I don't want to intentionally be stuck again...but it wasn't as painful as she told me it was for her
I would just dread though getting stuck in's not very attractive haha

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