Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weigh In and a busy weekend

Weighed in this morning at 108.5...meaning this week was a loss of 1.1kg (2.42lb)
That is such a great loss for me
It's evident that the fill really worked this time
Total lost so far is 17kg (37.4lb) =D

This weekend is going to be huge...and I think it's actually going to be a real challenge just fitting in time to eat!

My sister and I have two concerts this weekend!!
On Friday we are going to a To Write Love On Her Arms event
I love this charity. Seriously, more people need to support suicide prevention
To make it even more worthwhile is the fact that two of my fave Aussie bands are performing!

Stealing O'neal (above) are one of my fave bands. I have been to almost all their shows in Melbourne and I absolutely adore them. The boys are such nice guys and are always up for a chat.

The Getaway Plan (below) actually broke up last year, but are reforming to support the charity...and I'm really hoping they are back for good. I've been to over 20 of their shows...I'm a bit of a groupie, but I'm not a slutty one :P

And on Saturday we are going to another concert. We are seeing English bands You, Me at Six and Kids in Glasshouses, and are supported by US band the Audition. I must admit, I'm not a huge fan. But my sister asked me to go, and I live for live shows so I really don't mind who I see!

I'm defs in for a huge weekend. Pretty excited!!

Oh, just thought I would chuck in one of my fave photos of me and my second cousin. It's the perfect picture. Love her to death!


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